Doctor Hilmi Karadeniz is well known by his “Stem cells” treatment: “The problem will be solved as Hakimoglu’s…”

twitter facebook instagram youtube Doc Hilmi Karadeniz: “The stem cell therapy is used in all types of sports injuries …” The stem cell therapy is used in all types of sports injuries …” VOİCEPRESS suggest to you attention the interview with the specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, athlete and the founder of the SPORTOTEAM spinal […]

Doc Hilmi Karadeniz: “The stem cell therapy is used in all types of sports injuries …”

The stem cell therapy is used in all types of sports injuries …” VOİCEPRESS suggest to you attention the interview with the specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, athlete and the founder of the SPORTOTEAM spinal health center, with Dr. Hilmi Karadeniz:

Q: – Mr. Hilmi, as we know, you have special training at the Istanbul Training and Researches Hospital. As orthopedics and traumatology specialist, you are also the founder of the SPORTOTEAM spinal health center. So, Mr. Hilmi, what medical services does provide this center?

Mr.H. Karadeniz: -Actually “SPORTOTEAM” provides services on many important health problems. The most important thing is that – our center works as organization with interdisciplinary approaches treatment. Its staff consists of athletes and orthopedists, physiotherapists, trainers, masseurs, algologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and nutritionists who are experts in spinal health.

Q:-Mr. Hilmi, stem cell therapy in Turkey, is the most important treatment’s aspect. What kınd of ‘treatment ıs thıs and what is the importance of “stem cells” in human life?

Mr. H. Karadeniz: – A stem cell consists of one half cell from our both parents and billions of different cells that multiply and change. As a result, it turns into a person in the womb. Roughly speaking, a stem cell refers to the only cell that can turn into any cell. The stem cell is in the human body as an unchanged mother cell in many different tissues. The can be transformed into almost every cell in the body, stimulating if ıt ıs necessary, they can be providing recovery, rejuvenation and regeneration. The advantage of stem cell therapy compared wıth other treatments. It does not contain any drugs or substances from the outside, that ıs why: its side effect is very low and there are almost no permanent side effects. The stem cell does not cause allergies. During stem cell therapy, some of the cells (platelets) circulating in the blood. Then leave the vein and have an alarming effect on the body and start the healing cycle. Stem cells in many tissues are stimulated by anxiety activate ‘and turn into normal tissues suitable for their genetics and providing healing. Starting from this cycle, stem cell therapy is applied. Stem cells are obtained from a living organism and applied to the affected area.In this case, either occurs blood’s cell, or restored stem cells. So begins the body’s own healing mechanism.

Q:– The stem cells concept is the most important treatment of the health sector’s development It would be better if we explain this questıon as clearly as possible. It ıs ınterestıng for me: how do your fınd thıs stem cell and how do your applied ıt?

Mr. H. Karadeniz: – “I understand your curiosity.” As we know, all human organs and tissues consıst of cells. Some cells are able to renew and turn into different types of cells. To the addition stem cells restore energy tissues. They can increase blood flow, providing the formation of new blood vessels, increase the rate of tissue healing. Any tissue can be a source of stem cells. 3 main stem cells are used for orthopedic procedures. The blood tube what you need to take from your hand is the simplest and most frequently used source. But the number of stem cells existing here is low and have more stimulating cells. The second source is marrow bone. This is the best source, because it has much more stem cells as rule and it must be used in more complex cases. The third and the denses stem cells’s sourse. They are fat cells. Stem cells are obtained and used in two ways. The fırst of them ıs the direct application method: the material it maybe blood, marrow bone and etc. Are taken from the patient and they are separated. At the same time, the cells are received and activated. The main factor is when stem cells using for living cells. For this, case using special sets of stem cells. The getting stem cells are put on the affected area as an injection.

Q:– As I understand your can multiply stem cells?

Mr. H. Karadeniz: -Certainly. It’s even possible to direct them. For example, in some cases, stem cells multiply in special laboratory conditions and thus receive more tissue. The reproducing cells can be transformed into specific tissues in ‘these laboratories and then provided to the patient. This process can take only 2 weeks and it depending on the received cell. The tissues are obtained in operating conditions. There are many operating laboratories in our country. Nowadays they are seven. We carry out this practice in our institution. I want to add that the stem cell therapy is used even for a number of diseases. A especially in cases of joint falsification and cartilage problems such as knees, ankles and hips. It is also used for circulatory disorders in the hip joint (avascular necrosis), muscle tendon injuries, non-healing wounds (such as a diabetic wound), healing of unhealed fractures, early return of athletes to the field (early healing of fractures, healing of muscle tears, damage to the anterior cruciate ligament), and all these treatments methods are used in center.

Q:-Mr. Hilmi, is there a certain number of limit and certain number in using this treatment method?

Mr. H. Karadeniz: – There are no restrictions on this treatment. But still unknown long-term results. The number and frequency of sessions are determined by the experience of your doctor. A single dose is sufficiently for a plenty diseases.

Q:-As we understand, a stem cell prosess can be prevented in the falsification’s treatment. What can you tell us about ıt?

Mr. H. Karadeniz: – Certainly, arthritis is a serious disfigurement and swelling disease with pain. According to the destruction articular’s cartilage and may be require prosthetics. But we often meet ıt on the knee, of course it uncomfortable for patient by holding large and important joints such as the thigh, shoulder, and ankle. The old patients for example, spend their more time on sleeping. The best result can be obtained at outpatient basis. But long-term results have not known yet. Such therapy can reduce for using prosthetics. The joint can be rejuvenated by making the joint from the patient’s own stem cell in future.

Q:-And so, what method do your used for bone fusion and delayed connection with stem cells treatment?

Mr. H. Karadeniz: – The medical name of it is pseudo arthrosis. This treatment applied to the fracture line witch has a positive effect on both fractures incidence. This treatment is used in the following accidents, traffic accidents and it may be athletes injuries. According to this treatment the athletes are allowed to continue their sport life.

Q: -As we understand, you have achieved success in stem cell therapy. So what is your aim on this therapy?

Mr. H.Karadeniz: – According to stem cells therapy, we will be able to expect missing limbs replacement, healing joints with other methods. But all of them in future. We must remember, that man is perfectly created and knows how to heal himself.


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